Nomadic heart

If one word could define the heart of a human at any given time, it must be nomadic. Yes, so it is…nomadic in thoughts, wishes, desires, expectations, understandings and this nomadic heart often keeps taking us through the strides in our lives.

The heart is busy weaving thoughts and aspirations for a beautiful and better tomorrow and we accept to follow the same; now or later. All, because we love and listen to our heart and do not wish to ignore it the best possible.

The heart desires to explore places, people, nature and gather experiences much larger than life. People chalk out travel plans to experience the same. The bond of human and nature is since times immemorial and one of the best in existence.

During explore and travel to places known and unknown, we feel an instant and an insane connect with nature – be it beautiful landscapes, magical rains, stunning sunshine, murky skies, majestic mountains or boundless ocean.

This insane connect is a longing and a heart’s desire that eventually leads to happiness and makes a wanderer become an explorer. Be an explorer in life and keep rejoicing your experiences. 

In this life of yours, your nomadic heart can only make you a wanderer…it’s you who can make it an explorer!

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  1. jay says:

    keep on exploring😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gargi says:

    Your carefree thoughts are such a stress buster. An explorative mind is a very receptive one and has a natural inclination to unravel the unknown. Keep posting more snaps for visual readers like me. Thanks for the post Tan ☺️


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