The days are long but the years are short

A day’s beginning with a beautiful sunrise and a pleasant sunset is all that could be summed up and defined as a great day in life. However, calculating such great days to our respective age number lead us to the results that are disappointing but true. There is a deeper understanding of a huge mismatch with the reality. Perhaps, the beauty at dawn and dusk has been missed out in multiples than enjoyed. Reasoning is thought provoking and uncertain.

The best defending thought is the lack of time in our busy lives; understanding well the fact that lost time is never found again. The truth about time is that everyone gets it at the same measure and pace. No person in this world gets more time than another person in a day. Yet, life changes and so do we.

Priorities shape our lives so well mechanically that we tend to procrastinate the simple joys of living. We want to live in the unseen future and are willing to ignore the blessed today. We like to yearn the covet. In the history of mankind, no one could and no one ever can afford to win over covet in all possible ways.

Celebrate and feel the joys of life today. These simple joys are your priceless memory for a lifetime. Pause for self and your loved ones as you cannot replay a day in your life. Now is ever that you have. Your time is now.

Remind yourself that in this journey of life, the days are long but the years are short.11202906_1600280193577501_3932798352446645461_o

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  1. Khyati says:

    Awesome view I totally agree time is passing by


  2. Gargi says:

    Good one. We should Live for the moment 😊


  3. Vidhya says:

    It’s really good one. U r absolutely correct. We should enjoy the day today’s life.


  4. Amazing writing and yet so true..


  5. Kumar says:

    It’s true, when we are with our loved ones it feels like days & the years are short, but when we move away from them, really it looks like passing the days becomes difficult & by the way we will be passing the years with in a short span of time.


  6. Sandipan Chakraborty says:

    When you chat with a beautiful girl for 1 hour it seems you spend only 10 minutes and when you touch boiling water for 2 seconds it seems you get the burning sensation for 20 hours.
    Nature and Time both are precious and interconnected.
    Both are omnipresent and omnipotent like God.
    Human brain is quite emotional and unintentionally creates the confusion. This is inadvertent reality of life. 😊😊😊


  7. Parita says:

    You write so well Tanvi! Every single word carries such a deep meaning! Keep going my dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sandhya Singh says:

    Awesome . We should enjoy each and every moment of life. Life is precious.


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