Life in bits and bytes

The most important and yet mysterious is the knowledge of the purpose of a human life – we are blessed, thankful, happy and still, the one unsolved question is why are we here and what is our purpose of existence.

This mystery has remained unsolved across a history of generations and races. The one binding fact is that we are all humans and share a common humanitarian ground. We grow, learn and explore the world and its people through our experiences. Our individual and enriching experiences help us understand little about life by putting all that could be incorporated in bits of our memories altogether. Some memories worth a remembrance, some better being bygones. Is life the one we had spent or is it the one we wish to live. Is our life destined on a track or are we mere wanderers. Are we not here in this planet to help each other and make it a merrier place to live. Is this a life’s insight. At times, we rejoice this life only when serendipity dawns upon us. Rest, we seem busy with compare or crib for a lesser share in materialistic comforts.

I long for a day when all of us would look up to this life as an only mode to connect with other people in the world and not count it only in the bits and bytes of memories lost with time and of course, people in our lives.

After all, life is not only in bits and bytes. It is a little you and me, and definitely, for us.

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  1. Kishor says:

    Nice Post.


  2. Tapas says:

    Thoughtful …


  3. Manu says:

    Nice article Tannu


  4. Silpi Mishra says:

    Beautiful words


  5. Surabhi says:

    Wow, really worth reading… Keep it up👍


  6. Vasudha says:

    so true


  7. sujay says:

    thought deep inside us..good one..keep posting..


  8. Anis says:

    Nice post….keep it up


  9. Swatilekha Chakraborty says:

    Very nice dear…. Waiting for more posts


  10. Gargi says:

    Good one Tanvi. Keep Writing.


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