Solitary expressions of life

_DSC7746Turning the pages of history since human civilisation, it seems we are the only generation outweighing the busiest lives in all spheres – personal, professional and of course, the so-called social against the past.

Most of us settle with a partner for life. This togetherness is expected to add happiness and make our life, its existence a more meaningful and eventful. Our daily conversations with each other enlighten our thoughts and shared opinions; when respected, carve a space in heart and mind. A list of to-do things leave us tiresome towards the end of the day. Gone are the times when long conversations were often a part of life.

The fundamental of a relationship is partnering of thoughts, words, emotions and its expressions. Do we partner the expressions and thoughts of our partner. Guess, a silence speaks it all. Blame it on the busy schedules and commitments, but that is not fair. Do we understand and value both said and unsaid words of our partner. All that we want in life is to love and be loved. Is this too much to ask for. Is this too challenging to be catered to or at least ‘be partnered’.

With changing times, there comes a deep solitude dwelling in our hearts. Are we incapable to express ourselves or do we ignore this solitude till it sets in. We then accept silently ‘solitude’ over partnering. Then, the partnering of thoughts, words, emotions and expressions get replaced gradually by ignoring, suppressing, etc. and no matter what our choice was; it is definitely not what we settled for.

Is all that is spoken is heard and listened is a question that I leave to both partners. Remember, you are partners and hence, do not choose to remain apart in the beautiful expressions of your life. I am sure as I am writing and you’re reading, there is definitely someone somewhere feeling a deep solitude. Your world is not at all, a mere solitude. You deserve to be talked, heard, listened and loved. The solitary expressions of life are like cobwebs; no one else can feel it unless you speak or listen to your partner.

Talk to your loved one today. It might just light up their day and your soul.

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Kuldeep says:

    Excellent…. Keep writing…


  2. KUMAR says:

    Love is a word until someone adds meaning to it. So is this life, though seldom do we rejoice it!


  3. jay says:



  4. Manu says:

    Nice one Tannu


  5. Malaya says:

    Its deep and expressive…beautiful writing it is!!!


  6. Surabhi says:

    Wow, superb one….. Keep continuing the work 👍


  7. Sulekha says:

    Awesome writing


  8. Tapas says:



  9. gargi says:

    very good Tanvi. Keep going.


  10. Sandhya Singh says:



  11. manish kathrotiya says:

    Nice thought


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