Let go the tidal waves

_DSC6827Our rustic life is more vibrant when interwined with the lives of other people. At times, sadly though; it might end up into tangled relationships with tidal waves of emotions at each end.

It stirs the positive and negative emotions in both conscious and subconscious state of our mind. While the positive emotions boost our moral, confidence, faith, self-esteem and happiness; negative emotions do tear us apart. Negative emotions leave a toll on our mental, social and psychological well-being.

I often wonder if it is very difficult to overcome negative emotions. Historically, the expression of emotions is subjective and unique to every human. Outpouring of emotions is considered an indication of weakness and generally, not well accepted, except within a family or amidst close ones.

With changing times and passing phases in life, as we grew up; we learnt to ignore and suppress our negative emotions; no matter how much they kill us and tear us within. Battling with ‘bottled’ negative emotions is a feel like waging a war within ourselves; the end result of which is only the ruins of past. At such crossroads, winning seems to be far from reality. In fact, we tend to feel as if losing ourselves on a massive stride to an endless engulfing ocean of emotions. This is merely because we fight to hold on and we fight to not let go.

The best way to cheer up in those tough moments in life is to learn to let go. As we let go of the negative emotions in our life; be it guilt, anger, resentment, revenge, hatred, loss, betrayal or pique; we accept to ‘move on’. This helps us grow stronger emotionally and impacts a positive influence on our life.

You must surf the tidal wave of emotions and let go, to reach the shore of happiness and hope. You need to let go, to enjoy the lovely and lively moments of life. You need to let go because you love yourself. As rightly said, the best measure of love is to love without measure; and you must define it in true sense for yourself.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. jay says:

    love without measures….


  2. Surabhi says:

    Wow nice one


  3. Gargi says:

    Agree .However the most difficult part for an individual is to move on despite the turbulence in life.Clinging onto the positivities in a challenging situation needs a lot of fortitude.Keep writing Tan 😊.


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